Tokyo Ambience



  1. Tokyo Ambience (Original Mix)
  2. Tokyo Ambience (Miro Pajic Remix)
  3. Tokyo Ambience (Richter Remix)
  4. Tokyo Ambience (Techriders Remix)
  5. Tokyo Ambience (Goro Matsuhita Remix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’29th Work!! The Intelligent Madness, Dr.Shingo, who has organized his own party ” Cross Mountain Nights ” at WOMB for 12 years and recently produced ” Billy The Kid ” and ” Wide Awake ” with Sugiurumn, has released a new work, ” Tokyo Ambience “. His minimal style stays through the song as well as he successfully  expresses  atmosphere in Neo Tokyo. It would be ” Neo Tokyo Olympic 2020 Anthem (unofficial) ” !!! It’s a dope track. We also offer strong remixes from 4 amazing producers: One is from a top producer, Miro Pajic, who organizes ” Lazerslut ” and has released a lot of tracks from various labels such as ” Item&Thing ” across the world.And we got a cool remix from a highly-reputed Japanophile DJ, Ritcher. Also from TECHRiDERS, who just released ” Swimsuit / Cheap House ” from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS. A great remix from a budding artist, Skinny G is also included. We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, never let you down!!

Dr.Shingo (
Techno DJ / Producer. After studying at Berklee College of Music, Dr.Shingo made his debut with his 1st album “Have you ever seen the blue comet?” From Forte Records in 2002. Since then, He released 4 albums, many numbers of single and remix until 2012. DJing at clubs all over Japan, also travering Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and some Asian countries as his DJ tour with his record bag. Dr.Shingo is appear on some big music festivals in Japan like  Fuji Rock Festival, WIRE, Maniac Beach etc.. leading the techno music scene in Japan. His resident party called “Cross Mountain Nights” is counted as one of a most famous techno party in Tokyo and celebrating 13th years anniversary in 2013.

Miro Pajic (
DJ / producer from Frankfurt. a owner of Lazerslut. Miro has been released very unique but high quality music from many labels like  “Item & Things” and countless labels. He is the real “genius”producer. His production is supported by a DJ in a number of well-known, and did remixes for famous artists like Pig & Dan, Marc Houle, Tony Rohr and etc.. Now Miro is organizing his resident  party in Berlin ,where his base now. Now he is one of a DJ the offer never stop from the party around the world.

Richter (
Richter, the Italian DJ / producer with a history of unique and familiar to music from a young age, and he was a pianist of classical concerts. His debut as a dance music producer was in 2000 and released some music from “Ministry of Sound”, “Godskitchen”, “Energy”.Some of his music was ranked in the national chart and have an experience of DJ tour in Europe. Now he is producing techno and tech-house and starting new carrier. Releasing a track from “Things to Come Records”, “Black Leather Records”, “Plus Tokyo”, “Lazerslut” and etc.. Richter is a big Japanophile and visiting Japan several times,many fans also exists in here Japan.

TECHRiDERS is the DJ team by SABi who is a director of WOMB and  NUMAN who is DJ / Producer / VJ. TECHRiDERS is  resident DJ at WOMB Tokyo. They attracting audience with their unique and bold DJ style using full digital system and have many core fans. Released the original track from WC Recordings in 2007 which appear to Top100 chart of Beatport. Techriders is also releasing original tracks from Noise Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil , owned by Andeson Noise. The 1st full album “Monster Walk” released in 2012 . Released the “Carnival Season” EP from the same label in July 2013 . They appeared  on “fabric” London UK in June 2013 also touring many countries as DJ.

SKINNY G (https://soundcloud.
SKINNY G is  from Nagasaki and based on Kumamoto now. Started his DJ career in 2003 in Kumamoto. He has been DJ with TECHRIDERS from WOMB, AKR from WOMB and many famous DJs. Leading music trends in Kumamoto. His remix  production from PLUS RECORDS (Dr.Shingo-Steel Strings_Remix) got huge attention from audience and music web. He is also contribute his original track to Plus Records Charity Compilation Vol 1. Collaborate with TECHRiDERS and production is appearing from Noise Music  (MONSTER WALK).  SKINNYG is  attracting many