Tenten One : Creatures



1. Creatures (Original Mix)

Zzoop!!! The memorable 150th work from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!!
Having residents at many venues with 6AM Group, LA producer, Tenten One is back right before a big festival in Guam!! After a strong single, ”Light Is Dark / Hunter And Prey” with finest remixes from SUGIURUMN and Satoshi Fumi, a brand new EP, “Creatures” is proudly released from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!! An acrobatic track has a pure Tenten One world with a big snake acid bass!!
This is the “ Creatures House ” !!
We, BASS WORKS RECRDINGS will never let you down!!

Tenten One

Tenten One is a electronic music producer and DJ from Los Angeles. Specializing in house and techno music, he has held multiple DJ residencies with 6AM Group since 2010. Over the years, his experience with the team has led him to play in a variety of Hollywood night clubs that feature deep house, tech house and techno music as the main focus. Tenten One’s tracks and archive of DJ Mixes are available for purchase, stream and download via various online music retailers and cloud network sites.