1. Slick (Original Mix)
  2. Slick (Sugiurumn Remix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 34th Work!! A multi-talented artist, -One of BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ founders as well as a chief designer there – Nao Nomura has dropped a long-awaited debut EP as a solo artist here!! Having gained a high reputation for the previous work, ” Extrude / Vague Answer ” with Masanori Mikami ( OUTDRAW MUSIC ) , he distinguished himself as a producer. This time, he released a pretty sophisticated debut Tech-House track ” Slick ” which contains a sort of Deep House flavor and every parts are consisted in the golden ratio. It’s a well structured piece of work! I’m sure you would feel you wanna start your night with this song!! Also a guitar-screaming, Samurai-spirit emphasized remix from Sugiurumn is included. Oh,dear,,, We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, never let you down!

NAO NOMURA started his career as a JAZZ DJ in the middle of 90′s.
Now he mainly plays Tech House and Deep House;his crossover sound comes melodious yet has strong grooves.
As an organizer,inviting various DJs from both domestic and overseas,he led a lot of party to success.
In 2010 he launched the party”seven”which built a great reputation because of its high-quality music and great atmosphere even though it was held even on weekdays,which brought him to make a compilation album of the very party.
In April 2013 he founded a new label “BASS WORKS RECORDINGS” with SUGIURUMN and OSAKAMAN,where they could develop new and serious dance music for the world, focused on Techno and Tech House.