Quo Vadis / Petro



  1. Quo Vadis (Original Mix)
  2. Quo Vadis (Acid Mix)
  3. Petro (Original Mix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 45th work!! Remy is a icon in Tokyo club scene, having a massive presence with his leopard figure. Fateful meeting with Sugiurumn pushed him up to the next level, which resulted here we’ve got their fabulous debut work. Two animals have come together!! A intensive Tribal Bomb ” Quo Vadis ” brings their wildness to the fore while the other 303 version ” Acid Mix ” comes madly crazy with a fine production.Their first-producted dope number, ” Petro ” is also included!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, will never let you down!!

REMY (HIGHVLIST  https://www.facebook.com/remy.highvlist?fref=ts )
The Wanderer. Hanging around the night clubs in Tokyo from weekdays through weekends, the figure shows a strong presence. A deep musical curiosity eventually made him to become a DJ,the untapped ability suddenly being unlocked as he got serious in the field. With his sharpened sense and attractiveness, the unique and cutting-edge set comes uplifting yet stays dark ‘n deep. In 2014, he started to produce music and released a collaborative work,” Quo Vadis / Petro ” with Sugiurumn from Bass Works Recordings. He put himself in the middle of Tokyo club scene in a flash and is fated to go up in the field. We cannot look away from the solitary person of charisma.