Primal Purpose / White Vortex



  1. Primal Purpose (Original Mix)
  2. Primal Purpose (Sugiurumn Remix)
  3. White Vortex (Original Mix)
  4. White Vortex (Masanori Mikami Remix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 9th work!! It’s Sunseaker’s long-awaited new tracks-Sunseaker is highly trusted
because of his distinguished DJ skill based on experience in Berlin. Two brilliant techno tracks are compiled.”Primal Purpose” is a sick speedy track taking you out to deep space.And “White Vortex” makes you high slowly but surely.And amazing remixes are included.Dirty-Bitch remix from Sugiurumn and undergound funkyhouse remix from Masanori Mikami,the boss of OUTDRAW MUSIC!!We,BASS WORKS RECORDINGS never disappoint you!!


Sunseaker started his career as a DJ in 1996.He played at CASINO with DAF in Berlin during
“LOVE PARADE” in 2002.Following year he also played at “LOVE NA TION” and he was invited to ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event- with Laidback Luke in 2005.He provided his work to compilation album-Gathering Traxx Vol.1- from Takkyu Ishino’s PLATIK label.After getting involved in dance music scene n Berlin,He came back to Japan and has been working on DJ and production.
He played at LOOPA NIGHT 10th Anniversary o f “RISING SUN ROC K FESTIVAL 2010 i n EZO” in 2010 as well as Japanese biggest indoor rave party-”WIR E”3rd area from 2007 to 2011.Since 2012 he has played at STERNE-Takkyu Ishino’s party. He opened his own bar “kinobar” 2013 and has been playing as a resident DJ there.