Master Master : Scums Or Bubbles / Anorak



  1. Scums Or Bubbles (Original Mix)
  2. Anorak (Original Mix)

Master Master, who has been making tracks and been playing at clubs to live house, drops a new work from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!!
Having released 5th album from established Frank Muller’s record label in Berlin, “ Muller Records “, today Japanese techno master releases sweet acid track, “ Scums Or Bubbles ” and aggressive and hang-on track ” Anorak ” from BWR!!
We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!

MASTER MASTER is the one of popular and veteran techno producer based in Japan.
He has been soaked into techno production since mid 90’s, and had released 4 albums from own label / hyper master recorders.
MASTER MASTER’s productions are introduced in radios internationally such as [BMU91.6Hz] Sweden,and name a few.
His live act is absolutely markable as well as his productions.
He released new album from MULLER RECORDS Berlin.
He is the “Master” to maintain the floor full enthusiasm.