1. zanda (Original Mix)
  2. zanda (SUGIURUMN Remix)

Having released the finest tracks from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS:”eight / low deck(BWR065)”、”bonviva / think dub(BWR081)”、”low own down / nil(BWR108)”、”doltz ver2(BWR126)”, a legend from Saitama, lefthandsoundsystem drops a much-awaited new work,” zanda ” from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!!
The most dope track ever comes with our naked captain, SUGIURUMN’s strong floor-oriented remix!!
We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, will never let you down!!

lefthandsoundsystem ( http://lefthandsoundsystem.jimdo.com )
“The world which is visible to the above?” Time axis that would forget the flow of time to eliminate any time a preestablished harmony. Even while having a view of the world, such as the image of a deep sea deep, which cover a rock, techno, and dub. Play style that cover everything over to a field. It is the presence of a one and only. 1998, starting with participation in the compilation of the trip trap records, you have a release from the label a number of YAMAOKADISCS. Secret station (USA), etc.. TOTEM TRAXX also as a track maker. In addition, I deal with music remix of a wide range of genres no-entry, ribs Hollywood, STAiL, etc., EMDEE1 DJ saekicks as remixer.
Split one album, compilation 7 albums. I have released a remix of seven pieces. The PV music supervision troupe BGM and to provide radio program, produced by the rock band and has been active in many fields.