Fusion / Funkatech



  1. 1. Fusion (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Fusion (Dr.Shingo Remix)
  3. 3. Funkatech (Original Mix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 7th WORK!! Based in Nagoya,DJ Ogawa has established lasting credibility from dance floor with his fabulous career backed by his unshaken musical point of view.This is his long-awaited new work as his unit,”Ogawa & Unic”,who have been expanding their playing field around the globe because of the admiration for their works.DJ OGAWA has been organizing his resident party”SMASH” for 12 years at CLUB MAGO in Nagoya and as if they are celebrating it,FF(double Fantasy tracks),Fusion / Funkatech have been released from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!!Having been playing on the radio of HERNAN CATTANEO,a superstar from Argentina as well as OGAWA’s sworn friend since the demo version,the monster tracks are finally available now.”Fusion” is their cross-overing innovation,the sound is literally flowing inside the vessels or movement of muscle is converting into dance.And “Funkatech” is Ogawa & Unic’s truly-valued sound journey. Also a sick remix from Dr.Shingo -mad master of Techno- is included!!


DJ OGAWA (www.djogawa.com)
A world without music is no world at all for DJ Ogawa. This Japanese DJ/Producer/Remixer has felt the rhythm and groove since childhood and you can tell. From his skills behind the decks to his obsession with quality in the studio, is a testimony of why he has gain so much respect among his pee rs at home and abroad, and an underground following in Japan.
Ogawa spent his teenage years living in the metropolis of Tokyo and was engulfed by many forms of music protruding from every nook and granny. Originally interested in punk, new wave and hip-hop, it was not until Chicago House overwhelmed his heart and clubs began to appear in the early 80’s, that he found his true calling for dance music and became a DJ.
Hailing from Nagoya, DJ Ogawa has been one of the pioneers of Nagoya’s underground scene. In 2001, he began his own event called SMASH at Club Mago and after 12years of a solid reputation of high-quality music and world-class DJs, SMASH has become known across the country, and now favored by many guest DJs such as John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Satoshi Tomiie.
Having a hectic schedule with residencies, even in th e early days of his career, DJ Ogawa’s true breakthrough came in 2008 when he took to production with studio partner Unic and released their first track“ DEPARTURE”. DJ Emma, known in Japan as the godfather of house went on to sign it to his label Nitelist Music, along with a remix by Sugirumn. Its instant success lead to it being ranked No.1 in Japan’s Cisco’s House Music Chart and with it being
supported by a host of top DJ’s at home and abroad, ended up selling out across the country and cemented his place as a producer in the dance music scene.
With a great start in the studio, Ogawa took to remixing tracks and furthered his success with adding his unique touch to Kaoru Inoue’s“ The Whisperer in Germination”, which was featured on the compilation CD series“ EMMA HOUSE”, and Inner City Jam Orchestra’s“ Sakura”, which was included on the“ Live at Pacha” CD mixed by Sugirumn and DJ Emma released in Japan.
He has also continue with his own productions with Unic and rel eased original tracks such as“ SMASH” and“ EXPLOSION”, both of which have been huge hits on dance floors around the country and constantly played out by th e likes of Hernan Cattaneo across the world. It is no wonder th at the track“ EXPLOSION”, with its powerful bass and piano riffs was featured on Beatport’s Progressive House Chart #9 in 2012.
Now, DJ Ogawa regularly plays all over Japan and has been booke d at many legendary clubs such as WOMB, YELLOW, and AgeHa. Over seas has seen him showcasing his flawless mixing skills and instinctive ability t o work a crowd in many Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan a nd this year, in South Korea for the infamous festival“ UMF” or also known as“ ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL“ . With over 25years in the industry, DJ Ogawa’s passion has only intensified and looks forward to the journey ahead of creating new music and evolving with the ever changing music scene.