Forest Ranger



  1. Forest Ranger (Original Mix)
  2. Forest Ranger (Sugiurumn Remix)
  3. Forest Ranger (Danniel Selfmade Remix)
  4. Forest Ranger (Bagagee Viphex13 Remix)
  5. Forest Ranger (DJ FACE OFF Remix)
  6. Forest Ranger (TRAMA Remix)
  7. Forest Ranger (Ryo Tsutsui Remix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 62nd Work!! YOICHI HAYASHI aka DO SHOCK BOOZE (TOTEM TRAXX) is a well-known Producer/DJ, who has released unique and ethnic-flavored style of musics from International labels. The finally descended dance music expert drops a ” Troll Hunter ” Tech House, ” Forest Ranger ” from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, which soundscape describes, “In the rain forest with a full of ferns, coiled snakes and gibbon throwing bananas, there’s nothing but dancing with this perfectly-featured subtropical piece of Tech- House!! Also this EP comes with 6 outstanding Remixes from all over the world including Danniel Selfmade(Spain/Infamous Recordings), Bagagee Viphex13(Korea/ ex.1605), DJ FACE OFF(Italy), TRAMA(France), and Ryo Tsutsui(Japan). Of course, a astonishing remix from Sugiurumn,heavily played by himself, is also included.The World Cup has kicked off in the Amazon Vally!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!

動植物 | DO SHOCK BOOZE is the name of DJ YOICHI HAYASHI and his live act. Due to the dismissal of his rock and electronic music band, he moved to Germany and the Netherlands, after which he started his DJ career in Japan in 2006. Featuring a lot of produces and remixes for both Japanese and foreign artists, and also sampling his songs and voices as one of the key factors for his sound, he has gained the attention for his track development. Many of his works have been approved by worldwide public and released aggressively from those major labels such as…. ”Bonzai Music(Belgium)”, “Shinshy records (Spain)”, “Bembe Recordings (Spain)”, “Hypnotic Room (Australia)”,”Bass Works Recordings (Japan)”,” OUTDRAW MUSIC (Japan)”, “Music Taste(US)”,”7Stars Music(Holland)”,”Plus Records(Japan)”, “Fountain music (Japan)”, “POOL8 (Italy)”,“Flower Records(Japan)”,“Momentum League(BRD)”,Cancun Records(Mexico)”,”GALAXY RECZ(Japan)” and more. As the owner and founder of his label “TOTEM TRAXX”, Do shock booze has advocated a sound concept with Japanese sense. He has organised his showcase “TOTEM”, performing DJ and live act, also hosting and promoting many major clubs, lots of outdoor festivals and overseas performance play.Based on the organic house but ultimately borderless from unbinding expression, his DJ and labelsound is beginning to increase trust and attention not to mention from Japan and also overseas.Other than a club field, he has worked on the music at many large fashion shows such as Yumi Katsura’s, beyond that been in charge of music direction, choosing, DJ mixing for all genre music from classic to Waltz, brakebeats, lounge, pops and rock.For the last 4 years, Do shock booze has continued to be ranked in the top 50 national DJ artists sponsored by the music magazine “LOUD”. Now in 2014, he is working on his first CD album as Do shock booze. Watch him flash from now onward.

Presidency of BASS WORKS RECORDINGS. Japanese DJ / producer who always links to the latest House music scene in the world. He went to Ibiza for the first time in 2000 and came back to Japan inspired. His album “Our History is made in the night(2004)” received fairly-broad attention in the Japanese Dance Music scene, and the song “Star Baby” from the album was a big hit. The remix version from Axwell was widely played among the top DJs in the world. This song was licensed by Ministry Of Sound, which built a great reputation not only in Tokyo but also around the globe.His powerful and passionate DJ style rocked the weekends of Japan, being always connected to the latest movement. It didn’t take much time for his name to become world recognized. In 2006 he was chosen to make a Mix CD for Pacha Ibiza known as one of the best Night clubs in the world, and then he rocked 4000 enthusiastic music fans at the actual venue, which gave him high esteem in Pacha; He made Mix CDs for 3 years in a row. He changed his agency to AVEX Japan in 2007 and released an original album “What time is summer of love?”. The song “Traveling” from the album had a number of requests for licensing all over the world; It ended up to be released from Pacha Recording in 2008. Also a title track from the album “What Time Is Summer Of Love?” had a chance to be remixed by Richard Gray and was chosen as the first track for a “Pacha compilation”. The song became major hit for Pacha Ibiza. In July 2008, he tried a 24 hours set without resting and succeeded with great applause. In 2009, the 10th anniversary year, he released a remake-album “Midi In Midi Out” and a best of album “Do You Remember That Night?” as a culmination of his work. In 2011 He became a Japanese resident DJ for Haçienda, a traditional night club in Manchester, and the next year he was chosen as a resident DJ for a collaboration party organized by “PRIIVILEGE”, one of the biggest night club in Ibiza, and “ageHa”, the largest night club in Japan, which shows he plays the role as a strong bridge between Japan and the world. In April 2013 he founded BASS WORKS RECORDINGS where he could develop new and serious dance music for the world. And He was releasing the original album “May The House Be With You” from Warner Music Japan on July 24th 2013 as his newest release in 6 years. He is an innovator of modern dance music.

Danniel Selfmade (Infamous Recordings / Stereo Productions / Spain, Mallorca, )
Danniel Selfmade was born in Mallorca in 1984. He defines himself as a passionate lover of his work and the electronic music, very energetic on his sets and with an aggressive and edgy look. Danniel gets started into the electronic music in 2007 launching his first production. A year later he concentrates in developing his own sound and starts to set what today is INFAMOUS RECORDS, his own studio and record label. In 2009 he starts to perform on some clubs of the island like BCM, TITOS, PACHA, ABRAXAS & EL DIVINO, to name a few. By the end of 2010 he starts to conquer the dj booths of Spain’s mainland and releasing his productions on other national labels.But is in 2011 and 2012 when he concentrates on getting ready what he calls ‘the infamous sound’. Labels like NERVOUS, STEREO PRODUCTIONS, BEATFREAK start to show interest for this sund that mixes tech-house with strong and powerful techno beats for the danceflloor. From then on he starts to travel in the records bag of the most reknown international djs such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Roger Sanchez, Butch, Umek and a neverending list of artists that start charting and playing his own productions worldwide. At the end of last year he gets signed up on Stereo Records to launch the most awaited of his productions to date alongside Charlie Demir ‘Libre la vida’ with remixes from Supernova and other artists that finally push him to be on the international circuit.

Bagagee Viphex13 (1605 / Neptuun City / IAMT / Korea, )
Bagagee Viphex13 from Seoul Korea, the representative of powerful DJing and destructive techno. He got 2nd winner title of ‘Miller Fresh M competition’ which proceeded over 6 months in 2009, which was the result of his taking charge of making the overall music of ‘Mind Busters’, an audio-visual team. This gave Bagagee Viphex13 much recognit ion of BT, Yuksek, Cap10kert and so on. In the same year, he was chosen to be an artist from the Livid Instrument, the manufacture company of Midi controller and worked as both the Korean official DJ of portable DJing machine Pace Maker and the official-sponsor DJ of Korean Best DJ grear shop DJKoreaAs a member of ‘ARCO12′ and ‘ECI Korea’, Bagagee Viphex13 devotes himself to preserving techno because this genre doesn’t have many stages to be played in Korea yet. Also, as a member of ’2E2L Recordings’ in Japan, he’s making a great influence to the underground techno scene through constant interchanges with Japanese DJs.He released his own album by making contracts of tracks with various labels such as ECI Korea, stereOOxid, Nuuktal Records, FLU.Records, Perfection Recordings, Midi Life Records, Sabotage Records and Sex panda Toys and more which are the world class techno labels. Bagagee Viphex13 worked with Afonso Maia, Citizen Kain, Dualitik, Worda, Simon Roge and Vid Marjamovic who are the big-name and popular artists to techno mania. Also, he is supported by massive world DJs like Umek, Christian Cambas, Spartaque, Billy Johnston, Markus Schulz, Dave Seaman, Monocraft, Harada, Koen Groeneveld, Veerus & Maxie, Shin Nishimura, and more.Diskotekno Mixbox, his own monthly mix-tape on-air program, is regularly broadcasted in ‘Digitally Imported’ (, the most popular internet radio broadcasting of EDM.Bagagee Viphex13 has been invited to play his DJ set not only in all the great and small parties and festivals in Korea, but also in Ageha (the biggest club in Asia) and the 11th anniversary party of WOMB in Sibuya. This is a honor to Bagagee Viphex13 himself and tells us about all of his career. He has also worked as a musical director of broadcastings of every kind, awards, fashion shows, dancing, games and CFs and this makes him distinguished in many different fields.

DJ FACE OFF (Totem Traxx / Italy, )
Adnan Bajrami (Nani) aka DJ Face Off have 36 years and born in Croatia (in a town called Rijeka). He likes music since he was a kid! And plays music since 90′in clubs all over the Croatia….

TRAMA (Paris, )
TRAMA is a French Dj and producer, owner of F.H.D recording. It’s not just about deejaying but delivering a full Live-produced experience with the concept” Ultimate Breakers” . A lot of Festivals and night clubs around the world have already witnessed TRAMA Live energy, such as H2O (Belgium), Pepe’sBodega (Sweden), Sala Pagoa (Spain), Batofar (Paris), 4 Elements (Paris), Wax (Belgium), ADE (Amsterdam), Sudaka (Mexico city) etc… Since December 2011, TRAMA started to release music on several labels like Blend It records, Bonzai records, Bonzai Baziks, Greenslash records, Off the records, Hermine Records, Sounds of Earth.. A few remixes for Charles Schillings, Vazik, Marcelo Cura, D-Unity, Wehbba, San Proper also helped promoting the vibrating TRAMA style. With his love for rolling basses, catchy percussions and fat grooves, TRAMA is getting high among the international tech-house/Techno scene….

Ryo Tsutsui (Weekend Warriorz / eden, )
Ryo began his music career in London as a rock drummer at the young age of fifteen. Since then he participated in more than 100 gigs between Tokyo and London, leading him to become a DJ in the year 2000. Since beginning his DJ career in Tokyo, he soon became the resident DJ of “EDEN” at Club AIR in Tokyo. He not only became a popular DJ in Tokyo, but also helped create many parties, including a collaboration party with world class organizers such as Global Underground and Serious. These club events continue growing today, leading them to be known as one of the most respected underground parties in Tokyo. On 2005, Ryo participated in a gig at Room in Melborune, Australia and made his first trip abroad as an artist. In 2006, his first original track `Smashing Pumpkin` was listed on a Compilation CD of EDEN, leading him to begin producing new music to compete in the Tokyo music scene. Later, in October of 2008, Ryo took off on a tour of Indonesia, including a gig for the Halloween party at 66 in Bali, which gathered over 1000 people and further strengthened his career as an artist in Asia. Since 2008, Ryo began organizing a new party called “Weekend Warriorz”, bringing in artists such as Doc Martin (Sublevel/US), Carl Craig(Planet e/US), Giles Smith (Secretsundaze/UK), Damian Schwartz (Oslo/spain), 2000 and One (100%pure/Amsterdam), Agoria(InFine/FR), Nina Kravitz(Rekids/Russia), Shonky(Feak n’ Chic/FR), Anthony Collins(Freak n’Chic/FR), which showed his passion and vision towards a new dimention of house music at an international level. In February of 2009 he had his first gig in Bangkok, Thailand, which led him to start a radio program entitled “Tokyo Sessions” on the most famous dance music radio station in Bangkok – UB Radio. Also in 2009, Ryo won the Red Bull club event competition “RED BULL NIGHT MASTER” through EDEN and became known for the No.1 club party in Japan.
Ryo claims that his music is techno oriented house, but basically believes that categorizing music is meaningless, and always focuses on playing what he needs to express his feeling and enjoyment of music. Ryo won the PATAGONICA DJ Contest, organized by Parties 4 Peace, and has traveled to Chile, South America in February of 2010. He made a tour with 7gigs showing off his musical talent as the champion from Japan. Through 2011 and 2012, he has been keeping running, producing several big stages at the festivals as like “StarFes” “Hacienda festival” gathering few thouthand people and olso made the first oversea party as weekend warriorz in Macau. Leading his team to be known as one of the most successful club event crue from Tokyo.


Anthony Pappa
The best mix is the \”Ryo Tsutsui Remix\” and l will support it. Thanks.