1. Sugiurumn / Kick Alive (Original Mix)
  2. Hideo Kobayashi / Propaganda (Original Mix)
  3. Hito & Sugiurumn / First Ride (Night Ride Mix)
  4. Ogawa & Unic / Fusion (Dr.Shingo Remix)
  5. Lyoma / Underground Layer (H.I.D. Remix)
  6. Sunseaker / Primal Purpose (Original Mix)
  7. RyoTsutsui / Brick Wall (Original Mix)
  8. Osakaman / Apache (Original Mix)
  9. OMB / Expected (Original Mix)
  10. BryanBurton-Lewis / Loosing Friends Along The Way (Original Mix)
  11. DJ Warp / Space Colony (Original Mix)
  12. Spiraltone / To Be Continued (Original Mix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 50th Work!! Hi, this is Sugiurumn. It’s been 1 year since I started the label, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS with Nao Nomura and Osakaman.
We decided to release quality dance musics every Wednesday by Japanese producers who have strong minds, which seemed difficult but thanks to my men, ” BASS WORKERS ” such as Fujimon and  sonic-r, we were able to make it except the New Year’s day. We will have achieved to release 50 titles, 145 tracks from 65 artists including free downloaded title, #0 ” BASS WORKS “.
Everything we released is quality work and pretty much floor-oriented track. They say ” Endurance makes you stronger “, but I think it’s true. As we worked on, we got some trust and interest little by little so that we managed to run this label so far. I guess one of the reasons is the founders are all DJs so we got trust and everybody listened to us. Big respect for all producers who contributed to us!! Thanks a lot!
Our first compilation series will be starting for 3 weeks in a row from this week!! It’s the very best of BASS WORKS RECORDINGS. Bundle purchase are discounted and some tracks are re-mastered so don’t miss this chance!! The 1st compilation is called ” FOOTPRINT 1 “. These are great Majestic 12! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, never let you down!


・Hito (Kitchen club, ENTER.SAKE,
・Lyoma ( )
・Dr.Shingo (
・RYO TSUTSUI (Weekend Warriorz / eden, )
・OMB (Frame /
・Bryan Burton-Lewis ( )
・DJ Warp (Takashi Watanabe, )
・SPIRALTONE ( SERi, M.Fukuda, )