1. Bike (Original Mix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 82th Work!! The 2nd single from SUGIURUMN’s upcoming new album, ” 20XX ” releasing next week!! The most aggressive track, ” Bike ” from ” 20XX ” releases from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS!! The sticky baselines come from right corner while driving basses burst away!! Yellow flag, red flag, and checker flag are waving according to 909 Tom sound!! Also for a video clip of this track, SUGIURUMN directed it by himself, featured Japanese famous dance unit,” MEISAI “. It’s on youtube so please check it!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!

Sugiurumn released 7 original albums so far as well as singles from various labels all over the world. Also the mix CDs for PACHA IBIZA he contributed 3 seasons in a row have gained high reputations.
In terms of DJing, he succeeded unbelievable 24-hours sets several times and has widely played throughout the world, such as Ibiza or Mancester, utilizing the advantage of the physical and mental strength. In 2013, he founded his own label, ” BASS WORKS RECORDINGS ” and has released ” serious dance music ” every week. He is an innovator of modern dance music.