All Nite



  1. All Nite (Original Mix)
  2. All Nite (BASS Mix)
  3. All Nite (Ryan Pamatmat & Pav Parrotte's Freq Remix)
  4. All Nite (DOZEGUISE Remix)
  5. All Nite (Sugiurumn Remix)
  6. All Nite (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 48th Work!! Having released ” Mohawk / Wicker ” Man with Sugiurumn, and significant reworks for DJ TASAKA, Nuno Clam & Tommy and Sugiurumn & Hideo Kobayashi from BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, a well-skilled Deep Tech master, Satoshi Fumi’s much-awaited solo work has just arrived here!! The beautifully strained Deep-Tech track, ” All Nite ” has somewhat of funkness yet remains stylish. The universal fineness would make the piece of work remain as one of the most essential tracks for dance music scene in the world. Also 5 different versions of this track are included here: Satoshi Fumi’s another version, BASS Mix is a stunning acid track while vast remixes are provided from powerful producers. A way cool Midnight-Deep Tech remix from a well-known London-Manilla duo, Ryan Pamatmat & Pav Parrotte, a dope and spiritual ” Afterhours ” remix from a duo, DOZEGUISE consisting of Zane(Asylum Afterhours, Honolulu) and Higher Concept, a superb Sunrise remix from Sugiurumn(BWR), and a huge Deep House remix from Hideo Kobayashi are exclusively included. All Nite, All Around The World!! We, BASS WORK RECORDINGS, will never let you down!!

Satoshi Fumi (sequent:recordings, Outerspace, )
Satoshi create sounds in Tokyo.he called his style “Deep Tech House”. During the 1990′s, he grew interested in the Detroit, Chicago and New York house movements. He absorbed and digested the different sounds of electronic music throughout that period, helping him to shape, develop and influence his own unique style.
Satoshi’s production skills have matured enough today, allowing him the freedom to create, and as a DJ, to mix a variety of dance music styles together such as Deep House, Tech House and Techno.
In the same way he release on many quality labels such like Mood Music, Get Physical Music, Plactic City, King Street Sounds, Night Drive Music, In House, IRecords, Klik Records, Urbantorque, Force Tracks, Yoshitoshi, Bedrock, AnjunaBeats etc… and collaborated many great artists. Todd Terry, Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe, Funk D’ Void etc…
The Sound is supported by Laurent Garnie, Ken Ishii, Nic Fanciulli, Funk D’Void, Dany Howells, Ralph Lawson, Sasse and more…
He succeed gigs in Tokyo. He has residency “Sensual” at WOMB Lounge. and played good venue in UK, Italy, Greece, Russia, Dubai, Ukraine, Taipei, Hongkong, Indonesia and more… Now planning the tour in Europe, Asia and South America.
He run a label Sequent:Recordings and Outerspace Records(with Osamu M). 4th Friday,he play cutting edge tracks on his show “Outerspace”/Proton Radio.
Satoshi possesses a rich imagination, and will continue to be a prolific producer across many musical styles and building a strong discography the entire time as a result.