1. SUGIURUMN & SUNSEAKER / Q (Original Mix)
  2. Satoshi Fumi / Good Things (Ryan Pamatmat & Pav Parrotte's FreQ Remix)
  3. SUGIURUMN & SHINKAWA / Bushman (Original Mix)
  4. Koutarou.A & The Bodyshakers / Musik (Jeremy Bass Remix)
  5. Tarot, DJ Ohnishi & Yoshi / Code301 (Original Mix)
  6. Tenten One / Light Is Dark (Original Mix)
  7. Ogawa & Unic / SAGRADA FAMILIA (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
  8. SEKITOVA / Formal Strip (Original Mix)
  9. Sugiurumn & Hideo Kobayashi / Hypnorex (DJ SODEYAMA Remix)
  10. PHAN PERSIE / PP2 (Dope Mix)
  11. FOOG / Slumber (Original Mix)
  12. OSAKAMAN / Float (Original Mix)
  13. SUGIURUMN / Natural (Original Mix)
  14. Osamu M & Hiromat / Play That Noize (Original Mix)
  15. Remy & Sugiurumn / Libero (Original Mix)
  16. TECHRiDERS / Harmonizer (Original Mix)
  17. SUGIURUMN / I Don't Know The Bad Trip (Original Mix)
  18. Shin Nishimura / Acid Eye (Mijk Van Dijk Remix)
  19. Ryoh Mitomi / Extreme Cinema (Original Mix)
  20. Sugiurumn & Mr. STERNE / Melon (Original Mix)

100th Title Anniversary!!
Over next 3 weeks, selected super works are compiled from our past amazing 334 tracks in 100 weeks by outstanding producers!!

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS reaches 100th title on April Fools’ Day 2015!! Celebrating the distinguish work of 100 week-releases in a raw, the first round of 3 weeks compilation series, ” NESSIE ” is released!!

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 100th week!! We’ve come a long way to 100th title, devoting ourselves to releasing on rainy days, windy days, and sunny days!! We really appreciate all your support.
Celebrating the distinguish work of 100 week-releases in a raw, 3 weeks compilation series is on now!!
Fascinating  super tracks by super producers are compiled from 50s-99th works, which are released after 1st year anniversary physical and DL releases,”BIG FOOT” and “FOOT PRINT 1&2″. Every track was devotionally created to make people go crazy at the night club by a dance music master!!
The 100th anniversary title, ” NESSIE” compiles amazing 20 tracks by 31 artists!! These are fascinating exclusive tracks you can only listen and purchase here!!You shouldn’t miss it!!
BASS WORKS RECORDINGS keeps ruining!!Thank you everybody!!We,
BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!